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Enfance Protective Soothing Soap / Seife, 0-3 Years, 100g

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Wundervolle Seife für Gesicht und Körper speziell für Kleinkinder zwischen 0-3 Jahren. 100% organic aus Shea Butter, Kamille und Kokosnussöl, handgefertigt, ohne Parabene, ohne Palmöl, ohne Tierversuche, ohne Zusatzstoffe, ohne Mineralöle...einfach NATUR und so schön duftend nach Lavendel

nfance Paris offers an ultra rich organic soap, perfect for the daily use of the 0 to 3 years old. The organic Shea butter, and organic vegetable oils of Camelina and Coconut naturally nourish and protect children’s skin and scalp. Organic essential oil of Officinal Lavender brings calming and soothing virtues. Thanks to its subtle aromas, the Enfance Paris soap acts on the well being of the child as well as of the parents. In this way, the experience is shared. The soap is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

The soap is fitted on lovely ribbon in order to identify and facilitate its handling and drying. The soap is sold in its pretty gift box which could become a box for storing secrets, images, jewels, baby teeth, and souvenirs…


This formula is made up of a 100% natural ingredients: organic Shea butter, organic Coconut and Sunflower oils. Active ingredients: Organic virgin Camelina oil, excellent for its naturally rich content in Omega 3 and vitamin E, it soothes and repairs sensitive skin. Organic Officinal Lavender oil, renowned for its comforting properties is ideal for the evening bath.

Our formulas contain no parabène, no alcohol, no chemical, no conservatives, no paraffin wax, no colouring and are not tested on animals.

Ingrédients (INCI): Beurre de Karité*/Shea Butter* (Sodium Shea Butterate*), Huile de Tournesol*/Sunflower Oil* (Sodium Sunflower-seedate*), Eau/Water (Aqua), Huile de Noix de Coco*/ Coconut Oil* (Sodium Cocoate*) Glycerin(e)**, Huile vierge de Cameline* /Camelina Oil* (Sodium Camelinate*), Huile Essentielle de Lavande*/Lavender Essential Oil* (Lavandula Angustifolia Oil*), Linalool***.*Ingrédient issu de l’agriculture biologique (from organic farming).**Issu de la transformation d’ingrédients biologiques. ***composant naturel des huiles essentielles. 100% des ingrédients sont d’origine naturelle dont 76,6% issus de l’agriculture biologique.

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100g, hangefertigt in Frankreich.
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Tage
Enfance Protective Soothing Soap / Seife, 0-3 Years, 100g
  • Enfance Protective Soothing Soap / Seife, 0-3 Years, 100g
  • Enfance Protective Soothing Soap / Seife, 0-3 Years, 100g