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Neu in der BooBoo Bootique! Nico.Nico aus Kalifornien! Nico Nico combines the finest organic cotton fabrics with modern, comfortable designs that are timeless and affordable to suit today’s needs. Our collection for children ages 18 months to 12 year-olds is unique, sophisticated and appeals to grown-ups and kids alike. Quality, value and the appreciation of our environment is the most important thing that we can hand down to our future generation. Leading by example and being responsible citizens of the world are what separates Nico Nico from other companies. Our products are for that child who loves discovering our beautiful world and nature, and for the consumer who appreciates comfort, quality, without sacrificing style. Our products are made from the best sustainable fabrics and meant to be handed down and treasured. We are proud to say that our goods are produced here in America. The birth of Nico Nico began with Sue Tsai’s decade long experience in women’s apparel design, high-fashion editorial and celebrity styling which made her one of the most sought after artists in the field. After the birth of her son, Nico, Sue was inspired to create a children’s clothing line that combined high style, sophisticated details, and luxurious fabrics but with affordable prices. She wanted to create designs for children and families who are fashion forward and share in Nico Nico’s philosophy that kids clothing can be modern, comfortable, and environmentally conscious.